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Strategic Purpose

The new Diploma in Methodist Studies (DipMS, Level 5) is specifically designed as a threshold programme.  Its objective is to provide for the ministry needs of the Methodist Church of New Zealand (Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa), and to equip students with practical knowledge and skills for specific types of ministry.

Programme Structure

The Diploma in Methodist Studies is a 120 credit non-NZQA programme designed as a threshold programme for students considering ministry in the Methodist Church of New Zealand.  To complete the Diploma in Methodist Studies programme, a student has to complete 5 compulsory papers and 3 electives in a chosen endorsement.


Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of theological and practical Methodist ministry.

  • Apply skills acquired to the practice of a specific ministry.

  • Demonstrate an ability to engage effectively with the wider community.

  • Critically reflect on personal faith journey to refine own practice.



Compulsory Papers

BS510 Exploring the Bible

PS530 Models of Leadership and Ministry

MS511 Te Ao Tawhito

PS512 Methodism in Aotearoa

TS510 Introduction to Theology

Recommended Papers for Endorsements 

Child and Youth Ministry - RS523 Let the Children Live: Children, Youth in/and the Bible

Diaconal Ministry - PS514 Engaging the Community

Women's Ministry - BS522 Women in/and the Bible

Methodist Leadership - TS511 Methodist Leadership


Elective Papers

Students are allowed two more electives in addition to taking one of the recommended papers above. 

BS522 Women in/and the Bible

BS530 Violence in/and Sacred Texts

BS532 Special Topic: Acclimatising the Bible

TS511 Introduction to Ethics

TS522 Being Human

TS531Special Topic: Gender Justice & Equality

PS514 Engaging the Community

PS522 Spirituality and Pastoral Care

PS530 Understanding Self and Others

PS532 Gender and Sexuality

MS522 Te Kete Aronui

MS530 Te Reo Kauwhau (Maori language for Ministry)

MS532 Special Topic: Te Haahi Pukamata (Facebook Church)

RS523 Let the Children Live!: Children, Youth and Church


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