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Trinity College is the only theological institution of the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Its primary role is to equip people for both lay and ordained leadership and ministry. The College has served the church and community for 90 years, and it continues a theological tradition that began 175 years ago.

“Empowering to Transform” is about equipping students to think for, and express, themselves without fear and restrictions. This is also about training students to become leaders who speak truth to power and speak the truth about power.

Upcoming Important Dates:


College Office Opens | Jan 13

Enrolment/Registration | Jan 13-14

Staff Planning/Retreat | Jan 16-17

Block 1: MS530 Mana Tiriti | Feb 1-6 (Waitangi)

This course begins by exploring the role of church societies in the establishment and development of Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840. This course examines and analyses institutional church and its dealings with contemporary Treaty issues, particularly raupatu (land confiscations) and the process for returning land to Iwi (tribal groups). Students will be encouraged to explore the responsibilities of justice-seeking churches to bring awareness to the bi-cultural relationships implied in the principles of Te Tiriti.

Block 2: BS620 Bible in Oceania | Feb 10-14 (Auckland)

What do readers in Oceania find in the Bible? What do they avoid? What do they overlook? This course will engage these questions, provide opportunities for participants to name their interests and blind spots around some of the current concerns and struggles that agitate the people of Oceania–island space and ways, migration and labour, sexuality and spirituality, church and discrimination, diaspora and nativism. This course will draw upon resources written by and around natives of Oceania also.

Orientation | Feb 21-22

Service of Beginnings | Feb 23

Semester 1 Begins | Feb 24

Block 3: BS510 World & Cultures of the Bible | Feb 24-28 (Auckland)

In this course, students will study the cultures in which the biblical texts emerged: that of the Ancient Near East and the Graeco-Roman world. They will develop competencies in using historical and socio-cultural methodologies as well as the literary and artefactual data necessary for understanding and interpreting biblical texts. Students will explore the importance of situating biblical texts in their historical and socio-cultural contexts. Attention will also be given to the contemporary contexts of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

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