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Empowering to

Trinity College is the only theological institution of the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Its primary role is to equip people for both lay and ordained leadership and ministry. The College has served the church and community for 90 years, and it continues a theological tradition that began 175 years ago.

“Empowering to Transform” is about equipping students to think for, and express, themselves without fear and restrictions. This is also about training students to become leaders who speak truth to power and speak the truth about power.

Upcoming Important Dates:


Block Course 9 | May 13-17

MS511/611 Te Ao Whakaari (Te Aroha Rountree)

This course explores and examines the development of contemporary Māori music and dance as a tool for ministry and a mechanism for the expression of faith.  The paper introduces students to the theoretical and practical application of Kapa Haka in a church context.  Students will explore the history of the early Māori Methodist Singers, Orators and Musicians of the 1930 and their contribution to the Methodist Church.  Students will also be challenged to consider the place of Haka as a form of  Māori expression in modern day church and worship.

College Worship | May 19

Worship Leader: Rev Abhishek Solomon (Presbyter: Devonport)

Venue: Wesley Hall

Time: 3pm

Block Course 10 | MAY 20-24

TS630 Moana Ecotheology (George Zachariah)

This course briefly traces the origin and development of eco-theology, the current trend in eco-theological debates, and the relevance of those debates to the current ecological climate and realities in the context of Oceania, and Aotearoa in particular. The purpose of the course is to raise awareness amongst those who are training for ministry to the reality of climate change and to set a platform for appropriate church and/or faith community responses.

Staff Seminar | May 31

Speaker: Te Aroha Rountree

Venue: Wesley Hall

Time: 6-8pm

Semester Break | June 24 – July 21

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