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Statement on Racism

Trinity Methodist Theological College expresses our deep concern in the escalation of explicit racism and xenophobia in Aotearoa New Zealand and other parts of the globe. We are outraged by the audacity of certain white politicians to use racist rhetoric consistently in the parliament, and the disciplinary actions taken against Māori members who courageously exposed the white supremacy embedded in our political structures and democratic system. We deplore the political and personal attacks from individual and collective entities of white supremacy that have emerged in social media calling for the mass murder of Māori and threats of destruction of marae. We do not support the rhetoric of ‘hate speech’ masquerading as ‘free speech’ that threatens the freedoms of others. We see the same politics of racism, apartheid, and xenophobia in the recent conflicts between Israel and Palestine, and in the political crisis unfolding in Samoa. We express our solidarity with Māori, people of colour, and all those who fight against racism and xenophobia in our times.

As a theological institution of Te Haahi Weteriana O Aotearoa, which is committed “to reflect and proclaim the transforming love of God,” upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi, “the covenant establishing our nation on the basis of a power-sharing relationship,” we denounce white supremacy and racism as evil, and we reiterate our commitment to eradicate systemic and institutional racism from our society. We call on the church to depose any views and actions that deny equality and justice for all peoples. We commend the renewal of the bi-cultural journey to the church. Our commitment to the bi-cultural journey is not a race-blind, romantic and apolitical search for reconciliation and inclusivity. Rather it is a faith imperative to destabilize systemic racism and ideologies and theologies of supremacy from our church and our nation. As Methodists, we believe that prevenient grace invites all of us to experience the fullness of life irrespective of our race, gender, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation, and sanctification involves the healing of our social relations from all manifestations of systemic evil. As Weteriana in Aotearoa, we proclaim God’s love, and our whakapapa (heritage) compels us to do ‘all the good we can . . . to all the people we can, as long as ever we can.’ We rededicate ourselves to live out our faith in solidarity with the victims of white supremacy and xenophobia, and strive together through our pastoral, ministerial, academic, and political witness to abolish the hegemony of all supremacist ideologies and practices.

Upcoming Important Dates:


18 January 2021: College Year Begins

18 - 20 January: Staff Retreat and Planning

21-22 January: Enrolment & Registration

22-23 January: 2021 Orientation

2-6 February: Waitangi Trip

Block 1 (Summer): BMS520 Mana Tiriti - Treaty and Church | 2-6 February (Te Aroha Rountree)
Block 2: BS510 Worlds and Cultures of the Bible | 1-5 March (Dr Emily Colgan)
Block 3: BBS710 Torah | 15-19 March (Dr Nāsili Vaka'uta)
Block 4: BRS610 Engaging Community | 22-26 March (Abhishek Solomon)
Block 5: BTS512 Methodist Theology | 29 March - 1 April (Dr George Zachariah)
Block 6: BBS612 Bible and Te Tiriti | 12-16 April (Te Aroha Rountree & Dr Emily Colgan)

Mid-semester Break | 17 April - 2 May 2021

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