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Trinity College is the only theological institution of the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Its primary role is to equip people for both lay and ordained leadership and ministry. The College has served the church and community for 90 years, and it continues a theological tradition that began 175 years ago.

“Empowering to Transform” is about equipping students to think for, and express, themselves without fear and restrictions. This is also about training students to become leaders who speak truth to power and speak the truth about power.

Upcoming Important Dates:


Mid-semester Break | Sept 9-29

Block Course 15 | Sept 30 - Oct 4

PS610 Introduction to Pastoral Studies (Richard Bonifant)

This paper will introduce students to some practical tools and models for engaging in critical theological reflection in order to develop the skills and practices in pastoral ministry of relating life to theology and theology to life. The paper will also assist in the development of a growing competence in the practice of pastoral care across varying contexts and life situations in the context of ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Block Course 16 | Sept 30 - Oct 4

BS632 Special Topic: Scriptures and (in)justice (Jione Havea)

This course will study scriptural texts from the major world religions under the frames of, and in response to the cries for, justice. The primary aims of studying these texts are (1) to understand the religious teachings behind and/or inspired by these texts and (2) to name and unravel biases (read: injustices) associated with these religions and scriptures.

The scriptures to study will include selections from Manusmriti (on varna/caste), Qur’an (on jihad), Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible (with focus on cultures of elitism). In what ways do these texts proclaim and demand acts and cultures of justice? And in what ways do they propagate and conceal injustice? How might we read these and other scriptural texts justly?


Block Course 17 | October 7-11

PS612 Methodism in Aotearoa (Te Aroha Rountree)

This course is an exploration of the development of Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa, The Methodist Church of New Zealand; with a particular focus on the establishment of the Bi-cultural journey, Connexionalism and Agents of Change.

A New Face (CWM) | Oct 6 - Nov 15

Mission through a more able Church

In collaboration with Trinity Methodist Theological College, CWM member churches and ecumenical partners, A New Face (ANF) 2019 will gather and learn from the experience and insight of ministers with disabilities.

ANF 2019 is focused on the work and witness of ministers with disabilities. The programme will bring together a number of ministers serving in mission and ministry who live with disabiliites. The primary focus of the programme will continue to be an exploration of mission and ministry. But, we will add to this a focus on the mission and justice issues facing people with disabilities, and exposure will be given to how this is addressed by church and community projects in the Auckland context. This will enable participants, their member churches and CWM to advocate better the vision and practice of how to be a More Able Church. (The More Able Church fund was set up in 2016 and four member churches are developing advocacy work as a result). ANF 2019 will further deepen this new area of work.

Valedictory Service | Dec 6th

College Anniversary | December 6-8

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