Pastoral Studies

Below is a list of the papers provided as part of the Pastoral Studies strand.

PS510/610 Introduction to Pastoral Studies (15 credits)
Level 5/6

This paper will introduce students to some practical tools and models for engaging in critical theological reflection in order to develop the skills and practices in pastoral ministry of relating life to theology and theology to life. The paper will also assist in the development of a growing competence in the practice of pastoral care across varying contexts and life situations in the context of ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

PS511/611 Engaging Communities (15 credits)
Level 5/6

This paper gives students some basic knowledge and skills in community engagement and development. It encourages them to think beyond the church and take account of the interests of people in the wider community irrespective of who they are. This aims at enhancing student’s ministry skills to enable ministry with awareness about the social, political, cultural, religious and economic circumstances of the people they minister with/to.  

PS512/612 Methodism in Aotearoa (15 credits)
Level 5/6

This course is an exploration of the development of Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa, The Methodist Church of New Zealand; with a particular focus on the establishment of the Bi-cultural journey, Connexionalism and Agents of Change.

PS520/620 Preaching: Theology and Practice (15 credits)
Level 5/6

This course offers an introduction to the theology and practice of Christian preaching, especially in a Methodist context in New Zealand. It takes account of the art of public speaking and the rhetorical requirements of the task.

PS521/621 Liturgy: Theology and Practice (15 credits)
Level 5/6

This course provides an orientation to liturgy, its theological basis, and the practice of designing a liturgy within a particular situation or occasion. The aim is to give students a thorough knowledge of the subject and some practical skills.

PS522 Spirituality and Pastoral Care (15 credits)
Pre-requisite: Completion of PS510
Level 5

This course explores the relationship between spirituality and pastoral care with a particular emphasis on understanding a range of perspectives on the nature of spirituality and attending to issues of spiritual care and formation.

PS530/630 Understanding Self and Others (15 credits)
Pre-requisite: Completion of PS510 or PS610
Level 5/6

This course will address a variety of theoretical and theological frameworks for understanding how familial, social and cultural context and identity impact on the practice of pastoral care and ministry leadership.

PS622/722 Spirituality and Wellbeing (15 credits)
Pre-requisite: Completion of PS610
Level 6/7

This course takes a critical look at a range of contemporary and contextual understandings of spirituality alongside an in-depth appreciation of and relationship with human wellbeing, and healing. The course will look at key research on how positive emotions foster human flourishing and shift our states of being.

PS531/631 Models of Leadership and Ministry (15 credits)

Pre-requisite: Completion of PS510 or PS610
Level 5/6

To be successful in church ministry requires a certain amount of leadership skills.  This course provides an overview of various types of ministry, especially with the Methodist Church of New Zealand, and equips students with skills relevant to each type.

PS532/632 Special Topic: Gender and Sexuality (15 credits)
Pre-requisite: Completion of PS510 or PS610
Level 5/6

This course will look at the relationship between understandings and formations of gender and sexuality across different historical, cultural and theological contexts. In particular, it will explore ways in which ideas about gender and sexuality shape social roles and identities especially in relation to the exercise of Christian ministry and leadership. 

REPS650 Research Essay in Pastoral Studies (30 credits)
Pre-requisite: Completion of MS610
Level 6

This option is for those who have completed the core and required courses for a Pastoral Studies strand with an average B grade or above. The duration for the project is one full semester. A research proposal has to be approved by the Lecturer in Theological Studies prior to conducting the research. The research project is equal to two 15-credit courses.

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