Programmes of Study


Enrolments for Trinity College programmes are now open.

The enrolment period will be until the 1st February. Once the enrolment period is closed no further enrolments will be taken for the year except for interest papers. Enrolments for interest papers will only be accepted up until 3 months prior to the commencement of the paper.

All students must be NZ citizens or residents. Trinity College students are not eligible for Study Link or Student allowances.

All students who enrol in a programme of Trinity College will be given an orientation into the college.

As a student of Trinity College, you will be enrolled in one of five programmes or have chosen to enrol in interest only papers. The programmes offered by Trinity College are:

Certificate in Lay Preaching

Level 4, 45 Credits

  • 3 compulsory papers

Diploma in Methodist Studies

Level 5, 120 Credits

  • 5 core papers
  • 1 recommended and 2 electives for endorsement in a specific type of ministry

Diploma in Christian Studies

Level 6, 120 Credits

  • 5 core papers plus 1 0r 2 options
    • Option 1: 3 electives
    • Option 2: Research essay and 1 elective
  • Choose one strand

Advanced Diploma in Religious Studies

Level 7, 120 Credits

  • 3 core papers
    • Option 1: Research paper and 1 elective
    • Option 2: 3 electives

Bachelor of Theology

Level 7, 360 Credits

  • 8 core courses

  • 7 major courses [4 L6 & 3 L7]

  • 7 elective courses [4 L6 & 3 L7]

3 Years Full-time (with part-time options available)

Certificate of Proficiency

Students who choose to enrol in the Certificate of Proficiency papers are limited to 2 papers per year.

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