Certificate in Lay Preaching

Course Overview

Level Equivalent to NZQF Level 4
Credits 45 credits
Hours of study required 150 hours per paper

1 year full time (2 years part time) 

Strategic Purpose Statement

This programme is designed to equip those who want to become lay preachers in the Methodist Church of New Zealand with introductory knowledge and skills for preaching.

It is recommended that students have the support of their parishes when undertaking this programme.

NB Accreditation as a lay preacher in the Methodist Church of New Zealand is done through parishes in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of the Methodist Church. See MCNZ Laws and Regulations, Section 1: 8.1 – 8.10

Entry Requirements

Students must have met the entry requirements for a Level 4 programme.


Graduate Profile

Graduates will be able to:


Locate texts in their biblical contexts and ancient settings


Interpret texts using various methods and tools for interpretation


Write and deliver sermons based on interpretation and apply to the contemporary situation.

Education Pathway

This qualification may lead to entry and credits in the Diploma in Methodist Studies (Level 5) or equivalent qualifications.

Employment Pathway

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to become lay preachers in the Methodist Church of New Zealand or in other similar contexts.

Apply for the Certificate in Lay Preaching.