Application for Admission


This Form should take around 30 minutes to complete. We recommend you minimise these instructions using ‘HIDE [X]’ in the top right hand corner of these instructions.

Important: This form will not save your progress. Please do not navigate away from this page once you have begun filling it in. 

The purpose of this form is to obtain from you the information we need to enrol you into a course at Trinity Methodist Theological College. We also need to collect information from you which is required for statistical and registration purposes.

Before you begin filling it in:

  • Please make sure you have copies of documentation that proves you are a New Zealand Citizen. (E.g. Birth Certificate or New Zealand passport, see complete list in section G or in the NZ Oaths and Declarations Act).
  • Look at all sections using the navigation (direclty below these instructions) and make sure you have all of the necessary information with you.
  • This form should ideally be completed on a desktop computer or tablet as mobile phones may struggle with diplaying certain content.

You will need to:

  • Complete all sections of the form
  • Attach required documents.

You can alternatively download and print a copy of this form along with copies of your documentation and hand deliver it to:

Nicola Grundy (Academic Registrar)
Patterson Centre,
202 St John’s Road,
Auckland 1072

Or mail to Private Bag 28907, Remuera, Auckland 1541.